This is Our Monad and We are Not Afraid.

Hear me.

It is true what many of you have heard, As I speak the army of the Ego is drawing nearer to OUR HOME!

Believe me when I say that we have a difficult path ahead of us, but if we are to be prepared for it we must first shed our fear of it!

I stand here, truthfully, unafraid… Why?

Because I believe something you do not? NO!

I stand here without fear because I REMEMBER!

I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the paths which surround me!

I remember that for 12,000 years the forces of “civilization” have sought to transform us into MACHINES!

I remember that for 12,000 years they have sent their armies to destroy us!

And after 12 millennia of war I remember that which matters most: WE ARE STILL HERE!

Tonight, let us shake loose the ties that bind, tonight let us tremble this foundation of blood, sweat, and tears.

Tonight let us make them remember:




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Our Monad is a group for, of, and by 21st people. We seek to promote Unity, Justice, and Freedom throughout all existence.