What is The Monad?

2 min readJun 26, 2022


Earthrise over Luna

The Monad ~ Our Monad

The Monad is not an Idea, a Term, or an Entity, The Monad refers instead to the answer to a question.

The question is ~ Who are we?

At Our Monad, we believe that “who we are” is inextricable from the unbroken chain which unifies all of existence. Each of us is interwoven with every being that ever has or ever will exist. This unbroken chain is the basis of our philosophy of Unity. This Unity, this “one thing” which comprises the whole of existence is that which we call The Monad.

We seek to live in harmony with this realization of Unity in the following ways:

  • We recognize the inherent dignity that each individual possesses. Through this realization of dignity, we recognize the right every being has to live, thrive, and reproduce.
  • We recognize the interdependence that each individual shares. Through this realization of interdependence, we recognize the duty every being has to maximize positivity and minimize suffering in their world.
  • We recognize the separation between ‘the ideal’ and ‘the real’ worlds. Through this realization of separation, we recognize the work which must be done to move the world toward a “Western Sunrise.”

As individuals, we have ultimate responsibility for our destiny, as well as the destiny of the entire cosmos, because we are no different than the whole. Today we find ourselves at a tipping point in history, we see the future no more clearly than those before us, but we feel the quaking of the ground beneath our feet. Within centuries we may have depleted half of the key resources our global civilization depends on for survival. Within decades parts of our world will become unlivable for our own species, never mind the countless others that have already perished at our hands. Within years weather patterns will undoubtedly spiral dangerously out of control. If we seek to preserve our world for the countless generations to come we must Act Now!

There is a saying that any solution to our current problems which requires people to give up their daily coffee is a solution that is doomed to fail. I say without hesitation that unless we bring about radical change to the way we do business, our children will be forced to give up far more than coffee.

This is only the beginning, but if you too see as I see, if you too believe as I believe, then join us and help to spread light throughout our infinite cosmos.

Visit us at ourmonad.com or reach out at ourlovinmonad@gmail.com




Our Monad is a group for, of, and by 21st people. We seek to promote Unity, Justice, and Freedom throughout all existence.